This Summer

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Lawn Care Tips


There’s a science to lawn mowing. Duluth Lawn Care understands how to apply that science to Duluth’s unique conditions.

Fertilization And Weed Control

Add necessary nutrients to increase lawn fertility and minimize weeds in your yard.

Insect Control

Don’t let pests deprive your grass of needed nutrients.


Aeration helps your lawn gain access to increased oxygen which is essential for the grass to grow in all extreme conditions we have in Northern MN.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you stay off the lawn until the product that we have applied is dry. This varies on the humidity levels but typically it only takes 2-3 hours.

Early spring or late fall are both great times to aerate and we recommend doing this at least once a year. If your lawn sees direct sunlight for most of the day or is a high traffic area, then we would recommend having it done both in the spring and fall.

Throughout the summer there are different types of weeds that come up. Each treatment that we provide has a different formulation in order to give lawn the best nutrients and herbicides at a controlled rate.