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The Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

What Is Lawn Aeration?
It is “the natural process where air is exchanged between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere.” It removes small plugs of soil from the lawn which promotes improved movement of water, air, and other nutrients.

We recommend that you aerate your lawn at least once per year to improve the health of your lawn.

Benefits of lawn aeration

Helps lawn gain access to increased oxygen which is essential for the grass to grow in all extreme conditions we have in Northern MN.
Reduces water waste because an aerated lawn only requires half of the amount of water than a lawn that isn’t aerated.
Clearing thatch build-up to prevent breeding for disease and unwanted insects.
Reduces soil compaction allowing more water and air to reach the roots.
Provides overall improved health of the lawn!

Prices are based on the sq. footage of your lawn. Request a quote

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